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nubbinownz's News

Posted by nubbinownz - February 20th, 2010

So, recently a very good friend of mine has fallen on some hard times, this friend is also a very gifted artist and animator.

So, to try and help this guy out, we've setup a donation page.

Now I know you're asking yourself, what's the point of donating to someone I don't even know ?


We've thrown in some incentive. By donating you can get a physical copy of my WIZARD EP complete with artwork, i donated myself to see how the quality of this was going to turn out, and i'll tell you what I am impressed. The silk screening on the cd, the jewel case art, the sound quality. Everything about it is toph notch.

He's also thrown up his face break entertainment CD which contains various flash animations and fractal artwork done by him.

Now due to it being a physical copy, you are going to have to pay the shipping which is stated on the page i'm going to link at the bottom. He's got it setup so that you can get either of the CD's or both of them in one go.

Check it out. Even if just for a physical copy of the WIZARD EP if that's something you enjoy :D

The Wizard EP.
http://sites.fastspring.com/eammy/prod uct/wizardep

FaceBreak Entertainment CD
http://sites.fastspring.com/eammy/prod uct/facebreak

Ultimate CD Reward Pack.
http://sites.fastspring.com/eammy/prod uct/ultimate

So, give it a look see. His art is very enjoyable if I may say so myself :)

Posted by nubbinownz - February 4th, 2010

Alright, so I was given a great suggestion by a friend of mine, CFWM33.

He proposed that because enough people seemed to enjoy my track " Work in Progress" and that there was a very high likelihood that it would never get finished ( Which it probably wont), that I should put the FLP up here and run a contest to see who can come up with the best ending / full on remix of the track :)

So I'm going to do just that! :D

Below will be a link to the Zipped Loop package of the FLP with the samples you will need.

You WILL need ZETA+ to do this. I also used RA but was able to manage resampling the strings sections and putting them in as wav files.

SO what is the point of this you ask ?

Well first off It's something to do, so if you're feeling uninspired lately you've got something to do. Secondly The winner is going to have their song promoted through my news page. And if enough attention happens to come across this, there might even be a cash prize involved. Or maybe some NG store credit.

There will be only one judge, me. Unless of course I get stuck between 2 or more tracks that I just can't decide, I'll go to a public vote.

Post your remix's/Finished track links up on newgrounds and make sure you credit the original song and post in the comment that it's for the Work In Progress contest.

I'm trying to refrain from posting this up on the BBS because we all know how much we hate silly non legit contest spams. ( i'm basically asking you to remix my song)

BUT if there just isn't enough attention on this news post then I'll probably end up making a post. So that we can get some actual competition going on :D

I have no idea if this zipped loop package is going to work correctly so cross your fingers!

The cut off date is March 9th! :D So get your submissions in as soon as possible :)


http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /295256

<< FLP .ZIP File.>>


Now complete with 25 dollar cash prize! :D

Posted by nubbinownz - December 26th, 2009

It's done :D

Free of charge.

You can download it here :D


unfortunately i lost my FTP a while back so if you do end up wanting this you're going to have to download it from MegaUpload : \

I hope you guys like it.

This is an accumulation of tracks that were salvaged from the loss of all of my project files. Nothing here can be changed or edited except for one or two of these as all of the data files for them have been lost :(

I did my best to do some post production mastering but that has never been my strong point
anyway ..

what are you are you waiting for ! ? http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VVACWGDB <--- do it

Posted by nubbinownz - December 6th, 2009

I had a terrible feeling it would, and unfortunately I was unable to prepare fast enough.

My computer died. The hard drive went kaput.

It's all gone. All my samples, VST's Project files. Everything I had is gone. I was actually in the middle of backing up when it finally gave in. I saved a couple mp3's and some sound banks. But most of it is gone.

I don't plan on quitting, but there is going to be a very large delay on any new productions for a while.

I'll be slowly rebuilding my libraries and hopefully won't be out of the game for too long :(

Posted by nubbinownz - October 12th, 2009

Ok, so as has been decided,

Something on my face will be the main theme for the new album.

BUT I'm gonna need your help

Something on my face was one of the few songs I've put out without an actual story.

This is where you come in.

I want to hear your ideas of what "something on my face" is about!

Is it an epic battle inside a derelict robot factory ?
Scary tentacle monsters ?
Alien motherships!?

It's entirely up to you guys now!

I want your best stories, anything you can think of.

I'll fully read EVERY submission that comes my way and the one with the best storyline and easiest continuation will get to write the outline for the album.

You'll get to make a simple story board and I will soundtrack it!!!

So the way it's going to go down is I'm going to take my favorite 2 stories, and Put them up in a news post, for everyone to read! Then there will be a vote, and the winner will be announced! I'll then contact the winner and discuss the rest of the story!

Keep in mind this story i'm looking for right now is just for something on my face. it could be the introduction song, it could be the intense fight in the middle, or it could be the ending theme!

Please direct all submissions to this news post or a personal message.
I can't wait to hear what you guys come up with!!!

Listen to the song here for inspiration!


Posted by nubbinownz - October 6th, 2009

Ok, so it seems that the unanimous response to the previous poll for the next album theme is:

Something on my face.

Expect to see news about that after "At least my girlfriend likes these songs" is released


In the previous post I had hinted at some news regarding oscillist and myself.

First off, if you're not familiar with Oscillist, it's high time you educate yourself.


I have so much respect for this kid it's not even funny. If anyone that I know could make it to the mainstream it's this guy.

Not only is he an amazing musician in my eyes, he's also become a good personal friend of mine.

After releasing the Collab track "showdown" we realized that there was no way out of it, we had to make more. So we've come to the conclusion that a Collaborative group was the only logical course of action.

The Group name is " Blindcycle"

If you check us out on newgrounds you'll find Showdown and our newest song " Too Far Gone"

With the creation of this group we've also decided to work on a BlindCycle album, which will be releasing as soon as we feel we've got enough material to give you guys, and like all of our other albums, it will be free to download!

SO, if you've read this far in, chances are that you're semi interested in the least and you should check this track out!

BlindCycle-Too Far Gone

Posted by nubbinownz - September 29th, 2009

With the release of " At least my girlfriend likes these songs" just around the corner, I got to thinking: what am I going to do when it's done?

I've got no ideas!

SO, I leave that up to you guys!

I'm going to list off some of my older songs, and I want you guys to vote on which one to build an album around.

Generally that means the album will follow the same theme of that song, or perhaps a full story out of that song. Not entirely sure.


I'm gonna give 4 choices and I'll tally up the votes at the end of October! :D

Choice #1
Dog-Walk Demon Battle.

Choice #2
Something On My Face

Choice #3

Choice #4 (For you Old Schoolers)
Please Wake Up(You're Scaring me)

ALSO for those of you who read this whole thing.. keep your eyes peeled. HUGE project with Oscillist happening in the near future :D

Posted by nubbinownz - September 28th, 2009

Almost ready! just need a 2 more songs finished and it's done!!




@Nubbinownz ( i think)

Posted by nubbinownz - September 9th, 2009

Just a little update.

I've got most of the album ready to go, this includes remastering tracks already finished and finishing up some new ones. It should be (hopefully) done by the end of september, but no promises.

There is going to be alot more synergy between the tracks on this album than there were on I Can Cast A Spell. It should all fit together a bit better, I'm really excited :D

Keep on eye on here and on my myspace! :D

Posted by nubbinownz - August 8th, 2009

Ok, so in the process of working on " At Least My Girlfriend Likes These Songs" I managed to get some work done on the wizard series.

I finally finished the last song I was needing and have decided to release the entire 5 song collection in high quality for free In honor of my birthday tomorrow. It's my Gift to YOU.

1. The Ascension( Now in high quality and remastered)
2. The Revelation (Full Version unreleased)
3. The Test
4. The Finale
5. The Apprentice;The Beginning (unreleased)

Download Here

I'm uploading it for free for the NG Community and will post a one time bulletin on my myspace.

I hope you all enjoy it :D I'm personally digging The Apprentice.

*EDIT* I hear that the speed on that FTP is pretty abysmal so fancy mike uploaded it on megaupload as well
if you're just getting terrible speeds.

Alternate Download Via Mega Upload