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2009-09-29 22:21:50 by nubbinownz

With the release of " At least my girlfriend likes these songs" just around the corner, I got to thinking: what am I going to do when it's done?

I've got no ideas!

SO, I leave that up to you guys!

I'm going to list off some of my older songs, and I want you guys to vote on which one to build an album around.

Generally that means the album will follow the same theme of that song, or perhaps a full story out of that song. Not entirely sure.


I'm gonna give 4 choices and I'll tally up the votes at the end of October! :D

Choice #1
Dog-Walk Demon Battle.

Choice #2
Something On My Face

Choice #3

Choice #4 (For you Old Schoolers)
Please Wake Up(You're Scaring me)

ALSO for those of you who read this whole thing.. keep your eyes peeled. HUGE project with Oscillist happening in the near future :D


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2009-09-29 23:29:18

My first choice would be Something on my face for the simple fact that it owns and i would like to see more songs themed like it was, but in a suuuuper close second is Please wake up i mean the way it makes me feel sad but hopeful at the same time is just amazing. IMO either song would be an amazing choice and i would like pretty much anything you put out. Keep doing what you do best cuz ill still be following no matter what. ~Vahn


2009-09-29 23:36:39

I'm going to have to go with Something On My Face, although if I could pick any song, I'd go with CockBlock Fatality (even though it was never finished)


2009-09-29 23:54:43

I also like Something On My Face. Has a nice atmosphere to it.


2009-09-30 16:18:22

Hard decision for me, since those are some of my favorites from you. At first glance, I would say Something On My Face (like the others). If not, then go with Power-o-3Pt2.

Stoked to here that your having a project with Oscillist. Can't wait to here more about it.


2009-09-30 17:19:29

Please Wake Up(You're Scaring me)
Would be awesome to see a album in that style ^^


2009-10-01 12:45:10

thats a really hard choice... any one of these would make a good basis for an album. but if i had to choose, it wud be please wake up(you're scaring me), it rly is an excellent song. second choice would be something on my face.


2009-10-01 19:58:39

Damn.. This is tough. I really LIKED DOG-Walk DEMON-Battle. But a whole album with that 8-bit game sound? naah. Something on my face and power -o- 3pt are good but they never grabbed my attention as "PLEASE WAKE UP YOU"RE SCARING ME". That was the type of sound that got me addicted to your music in the first place so..

Choice 4 please ^__^


2009-10-03 00:30:01

Hmmm, tricky. I think I'm gonna have to say Something on my Face. Something about it stands out. Close second is Please Wake Up.


2009-10-04 01:46:37

I take it "These Mistakes" arent on the list. Sorry, man, that one series of songs is my absolute favorite from you. Still, if I had to choose, Something on my Face wins my vote. Seriously, man, that is some dark stuff that can be twisted into one great battle scene.


2009-10-04 06:59:29

Wow, the choice is pretty damn hard to make)
Personally, I think that you, Nubbin, make the greatest 8-bit Drum&Bass there is, so my pick would be Dog-Walk Demon Battle - a whole album of pure 8-bit win would've been just... well, awesome, to say the least)
But I guess few people will go with that song, so I take Something On My Face as my second pick) I've listened to this song for like 500 times already, and it still doesn't grow old. Brilliant masterpiece.

But I'll be just in heaven if you would make a couple more of your awesome 8-bit music =)


2009-10-04 16:56:02

I would love to say Please Wake Up(You're Scaring Me), but that's more of your classic "nubbin makes some awesome orchestral work and adds some sick beats to it" kind of stuff. So, seeomg as ypu've already done an album like that, I'd have to say Dog-Walk Demon Battle. :D


2009-10-05 05:29:48

Choice 4 in my opinion :)


2010-04-03 08:16:26

Definitely something on my face!


2010-10-09 11:11:13

+1 for Something On My Face