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<3 <3

Thank you very much for this, It really made my night.

The ending definitely picked it up again haha. This is wonderful. 5/5 10/10 the whole shibang

Insanimation responds:

Awesome, thanks! I love that song!

Heheh awesome

So i was checking my reviews and noticed that one of my songs was used in a flash animation lol ... i was a bit worried at first but after watching I actually really enjoyed it. Very fun and neat to watch . thank you for this submission.


So i'm reading some of these reviews and it seems like people didn't actually watch the whole movie,

Everyone is talking about the amazing camera angles, did they even stay for the end?!

SHHHH have some chips!! HAHAHAHHAHA oh god man 5'd!

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fuck these guys

This is a fantastic game man. Amazingly well thought out. People are pissing and moaning because they can't get passed the first level due to their horrible sense of momentum.

The way that you worked the entire soundtrack into the game is beautifully well done. I was able to use the song to predict when something was going to happen just as a rhythm game SHOULD be.

also, as a music producer myself, you've got a great handle on sound design and production :D

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This is 100% pure art in it's truest form. The subtle motif that underscores the entire track, only helps to bring cohesion to an already stellar composition.

Giving you a listen. The velkoz sample is a cool touch, but pretty aggressive in the mix. Consider lowering the volume and maybe toning it down. Velkoz is great for carrying a game, but I don't think he has the ability to carry a track, Try replacing the multitude of velkoz samples with a lead melody to go over the 28 days later sample. Use the original track as reference, Murphy uses a heavy guitar riff that plays along with the main motif, which then becomes that "iconic" sound.
All in all, not a bad track. Keep at it!

BeforeDestruction responds:

Thanks for the advice!

was going to try and " come back " with some reviews... clicked this and saw your name and knew there was no need to even listen before giving the 5 lol

Glad you're still doing your thing bosa.

Bosa responds:

Thank you sir! As always, I envy your beard and mustache.

I appreciate your vote and review. I hope to continue creating works that inspire others or at least provide mild entertainment.

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