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Soooo quick poll

2011-10-14 17:38:43 by nubbinownz

Out of these four songs, which would you like to see some type of video for? I can't say why I'm asking, but I highly recommend you vote :P

1. Just Forget What I Said
2. This Persists
3. Tied The Room Together
4. So Say We All.


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2011-10-14 17:41:34

Hmmm, sorry cant answer to your post cuz im fixated on your pic :P Have a good day though! :)


2011-10-15 00:36:18

You should do This Persists.


2011-10-18 20:36:56

This Persists.

(I've never even heard of Tied the Room Together, and can't, Where is that one? o.o)


2011-10-18 20:37:16

Can't find it*


2011-10-20 21:44:48

God, I mean, I really wish it (whatever it is)) was So Say We All)))
By far one of my favorites from you, and the song of yours that I heard first and loved immensely))


2011-10-20 21:52:26

Um, just listened to This Persists and it blew my balls away, so I guess my vote goes both to This Persists & So Say We All %)


2011-10-24 09:33:40

Hey, guys! Sato here, Nub's partner-in-crime when it comes to this cryptic venture.

I sent him a PM, but just in case he doesn't read it, you have until NOVEMBER 1st to cast your votes! Although it looks pretty clear who the winner might be, already. Haha.

Here are the links to the songs, really handy, if you haven't heard any of 'em.

1. Just Forget What I Said n/156316

2. This Persists n/136006

3. Tied The Room Together n/125367

4. So Say We All n/137059

So, like, yeah. I'll get out of the way before Nub boots me. o.0

Moooarrrrr vooooootes. :D


2011-10-26 13:48:37

This Persists. Definitely This Persists.


2011-11-02 00:23:50

Aa-aand it looks like "This Persists" has it!



2011-12-05 20:28:20

Can write-ins be welcome?