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New 8bits?!

2011-04-04 22:48:44 by nubbinownz

So, i uploaded this to youtube and have been meaning to put it on newgrounds, but I've been very very very busy, what with the new baby and all. 7ZA8

Give it a look and make sure you're subscribed to my youtube as well so you can get updated when any new tracks drop. :D


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2011-04-06 00:05:33

I was wondering why you didn't upload this to NG.

Love the song, your baby probably jams out to it like crazy.


2011-04-06 17:19:39

tis good to hear your still making awesome tunage lord nubbinton


2011-04-09 14:58:06

You had a Youtube Page!? And you never told me!? Heresy! And Its orgasmic to hear you 8-Bit again! Only you can make such music!



2011-05-02 18:10:44

Nice! Good to see updates again. Thanks again for that review you gave me when I was just starting out. It helped out a lot.


2011-06-18 09:37:30

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