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It's been a while

2010-07-21 16:43:16 by nubbinownz

Again, I lost it all again. I need to stop using laptops as my production stations. I had just bought it to replace the one that I was using, then it took a nose dive. Hard drive fried again.

This is twice that I'm going to have to rebuild from scratch. It's very discouraging.

I had about an album's worth of material waiting for a release.

Ahhh well.

Round 3.. FIGHT!


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2010-07-21 17:42:05

Backups, my dear, backups.

nubbinownz responds:

You would figure that i'd have learned by now :(


2010-07-24 12:45:04

Aw, poor nub. =( You should invest in a laptop with two harddrives, haha. :) Or at least get one with some nice cooling.


2010-07-24 16:08:06

I'd seen nothing from you lately. I was scared you'd stopped producing!

May I suggest something? Go to Radioshack, Best Buy, or wherever you buy your electronics, and get an external USB hard drive (50 GB would more than likely be more than enough space to backup FL, all the VSTs, plugins, and hold all the project files.). I bought a 320 GB USB Hard Drive for around $80. It's a worthwhile investment.

Good luck with getting everything back.


2010-07-24 21:59:02

As my technical expertise with computers starts and ends with -- "I don't think it's supposed to be making that noise!" -- I won't be of much use in that department.

What I can do, though, is be the yammering, incessant soccer mom-esque (yes, I really made that metaphor) voice on the sidelines telling you to punch your laptop in the nose to establish superiority. At least, that's what my mom did.


All the very best to you, Nub.